New Bishops Received into the American Metropolia

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December 18, 2014
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May 23, 2015
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After Liturgy. L. to. R. Archbishop PHILIP (ret.), Metropolitan JOHN, Bishop CRISTODULOS, Bishop ALEXIOS.

Axios! Two new Bishops in the heart of Pennsylvania’s coal region were received into the American Metropolia on Saturday, Dec 21/Jan 3. The reception was accomplished through the rite of cheirothesia after extensive discussion and the blessing of the Holy Synod by H.B. Metropolitan JOHN of New York and Bishop CRISTODULOS of Miami and Santiago. Bishop ALEXIOS (Blumer) was received as a vicar Bishop of Hazleton and Weatherly. Bishop Alexios’ spiritual father for 40 years, Archbishop PHILIP (Cain), was received as retired Archbishop of Philadelphia.

Bishop ALEXIOS and Archbishop PHILIP have a long history in the region, having established both an independent Old Calendarist presence three decades ago, with spiritual children both in the local area and throughout the country, as well as locally known for helping those in need through local charities.

Having investigated the solid anti-ecumenical and anti-modernist confession of faith of our American Metropolia and making contact with various clergy of our Synod, the Bishops decided it was time to come home after a period of relative canonical isolation. It was decided that the Bishops would be received in time to celebrate Nativity with their flocks alongside the rest of our Church.

Bishop Alexios currently heads Sts Peter and Paul Church in Weatherly, Pennsylvania, with plans to eventually build a Cathedral Church adjacent to the current building, which, while used currently for services, will eventually serve as a monastery chapel. Our listings will be updated shortly to reflect the change.