Consecration of Hieromonk James as Abbot
October 7, 2019
Consecration of Bishop James of Whithorn, Dumfries, and the Marches
October 7, 2019
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On September 16 (OS) / 29 (NS), 2019, His Beatitude, Metropolitan John, First Hierarch of the Holy Synod, and His Eminence, Archbishop Gavrilo of Moravia [acting as representative for the Avlona Synod] consecrated Hieromonk Lazr to the Holy Episcopate. Abbot James and Hieromonk Enoch assisted during the services, along with Deacon Finbarr. Some photos may not be shown.

Bishop Lazr will serve as a Vicar-Bishop for Niagra and Canada, for His Beatitude, Metropolitan John.

Bishop-Elect Lazar and Abbot-Elect James prostrate for the Litany.
Bishop-Elect Lazr, kneels before the Metropolitan after the Litany.
His Beatitude, Metropolitan John, and His Eminence, Archbishop Gavrilo, prepare to lay on hands for the consecration of a Bishop. Mitred Abbot [Archimandrite] James, can be seen in the bottom right, helping His Beatitude with the Gospel Book.
Metropolitan John and Archbishop Gavrilo prepare to lay on hands.
His Beatitude, Metropolitan John, and His Eminence, Archbishop Gavrilo, lay on their hands and His Beatitude chants the Prayer of Consecration. Mitred Abbot [Archimandrite] James helps Metropolitan John hold the Gospel book while Metropolitan John lays on both hands. For a consecration service of a Bishop, only the Bishops lay on hands. Hieromonk Enoch holds the book containing the Consecration prayer up for His Beatitude.
Metropolitan John prepares to anoint the head of the newly-consecrated with the Holy Chrism.
Archbishop Gavrilo holds the Gospel book on the back of the head of the newly consecrated Bishop Lazr, while Mitred Abbot [Archimandrite] James helps keep the heavy Gospel book supported.
His Beatitude, Metropolitan John, having been handed the Gospel book, presents it to the newly consecrated Bishop Lazr, reminding him of the sacred order of the Episcopate.