Consecration of New Bishops of the Autonomous Orthodox Metropolia of North and South America and the British Isles
October 2, 2019
Consecration of Bishop Lazr of Niagra
October 7, 2019
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Hieromonk James, superior of Botel Abbey [Abbey of Sts. Alban and Aethelwold], having previously been given ‘final vows’ on the day before [Saturday, September 15th (OS) / 28th (NS)], was elevated to the rank of Abbot on Sunday, immediately prior to the Consecration of Bishop Lazr. As part of the rite of making / ordaining an Abbot, the candidate prostrates during the Litany of the Saints as well [in this case, he prostrated with the future Bishop Lazr]; then the Abbot-elect kneels before the Metropolitan, he promises obedience to the Holy Rule and administrating a monastery according to such as Abbot, then after additional prayers are chanted, he is given both the Crozier and the Holy Rule; then additional prayers, and then during the Prayer of Making an Abbot [chanted in the Preface tone], the Metropolitan lays his hand upon the candidate; then after the laying on of hands, additional prayers are said for the newly made Abbot.

Bishop-Elect, Hieromonk Lazr, and Abbot-Elect, Hieromonk James, prostrate during the Litany.
His Beatitude, reads from some prayers for the making of an Abbot.
His Beatitude, Metropolitan John, gives both the Crozier and the Holy Monastic Rule, to Abbot-Elect James.
His Beatitude, Metropolitan John, lays his hand upon Abbot-elect James, reading the Prayer for Making of an Abbot, to consecrate him to the Abbatial Dignity of Mitred Abbot [photo showing giving of mitre is not shown].