Statement Concerning Unapproved Liturgical Usages
November 28, 2023
First Sunday in Lent; The Triumph of Orthodoxy
March 24, 2024
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During the late afternoon and early evening of this Wednesday, March 7th (OS) / 20th (NS), the penitential solemnities of Ash Wednesday were served at the Abbey of the Holy Name; His Beatitude, Metropolitan John, blessed the sacred ashes of penitence, which mark the beginning of Lent for Western Rite Orthodox Christians; after this, His Grace, Vicar-Bishop Enoch of Apshawa, was delegated by His Beatitude, Metropolitan John, to serve the Western Rite Orthodox Pre-Sanctified Mass, followed by Vespers of the day.   The Canonical Legislation accepted by our Orthodox Church stipulates that only Masses of the Pre-Sanctified Gifts may be served on weekdays in Lent (with the exception of Annunciation and Holy Thursday).