25th Anniversary of Metropolitan John’s Consecration to the Episcopate
October 10, 2022
Meeting of the Holy Synod Next Saturday at the Abbey of the Holy Name
October 14, 2023
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Since ecclesial developments abroad have recently come to our attention, we would like all clergy and laity of our Church to be made aware of the fact that our Synod is only in communion with those Churches that have been approved by both our Synod of Bishops and by the wider Synaxis of Churches unanimously. It is beyond the competency and authority of a single member of any Church in communion with us to unilaterally add another body of members to our wider Synaxis of Sister Churches, therefore, any statements to the contrary are forthwith regarded as null and void.

In this regard, we do not consider the so-called “Montenegrin Orthodox Church” to be part of our Synaxis of Churches for various canonical and dogmatic reasons. Appropriate actions are currently being taken to ensure the protection of our clergy and laity.