Alleged Concelebration With the Moscow Patriarchate

Tomos of Autonomy
March 8, 2011
Ecclesiastical Status of Hieromonk Christopher (Wayt)
March 31, 2011


Metropolitan John has instructed me (Hierodeacon Augustine) to say that, based upon information available to us, we have not understood that there have been any concelebrations that have taken place between bishops of the Milan Synod and the Moscow Patriarchate. We are awaiting further information in terms of the details mentioned on the website of the Milan Synod.

The Autonomous Orthodox Metropolia of North and South America and the British Isles does not approve of any concelebrations with the World Orthodox patriarchates.

EDITOR: Since this post was published some 9 months ago, communion was severed with the Milan Synod of Europe. It was severed a few weeks after this post, due to the actions of Metropolitan Evloghios, who, under the advice of the now retired Bp. Abundius, ceased all communion with his sister Churches. This was unfortunate, and it has lead to his isolation, and his complete take over by forces attempting to destory his church and mission by bringing it in wholesale to World Orthodoxy, despite the fact that better knowledge is had regarding those apostate bodies desire to continue in the ecumenical and modernist heresies condemned by the Church.