Metropolitan John’s Visit to Greece

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April 30, 2011
Great is the Harvest!
May 30, 2011

From May 7th to May 11th, Metropolian John visited with our Sister Synod in Greece; at the same even Metropolitan Gervasius of the Bulgarian Sister Synod was present, along with Bishop Damascene. On Sunday the Patronal Feast of Monastery Convent of Theogennitoros was celebrated, with 5,000 persons in attendance for the celebrations at the monastery and the procession through the streets.

Short video clips of the celebrations can be found below, courtesy of Bishop Damascene.

Feast of Monastery Convent of Theogennitoros #1

Feast of Monastery Convent …#2

Feast of Monastery Convent …#3

Photos:  Picasa Photo Album of Metropolian Chrysostomos of Ecuador