New Priest for AL and Southern Region

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August 7, 2011
Recent Visit to Entrance of the Theotokos Mission
December 8, 2011

On the 21st Sunday after Trinity, which was October 31st OS/ November 13 NS, Fr. Joseph Gagliano was ordained to the Sacred Order of the Priesthood by Metropolitan John. It was a joyous occasion, as several other clergy from Church were present, coming from neighboring areas to be present and serve at the Holy Liturgy.

Fr. Joseph was originally baptised in World Orthodox (the OCA), but after several year he left World Orthodoxy as a layman in search of True Orthodoxy. After several years of study, and months of conversations with Metropolitan John and several of our clergy, he decided to join our Church. He was Chrismated through the Order of the Reception of Heretic/Schismatics. He was subsequently ordained to the minor orders (October 28th and 29th Old Style), the Diaconate (October 30th Old Style), and then to the Holy Priesthood on the 21st Sunday after Trinity (October 31st Old Style).

Fr. Joseph concelebrated the Liturgy with Metropolitan John, with several Deacons serving. Fr. Joseph’s father was present for the occasion.

Fr. Joseph then was allowed to celebrate the Liturgy on the Festival of All Saints, which took place on the Monday after his ordination. He then celebrated the Liturgy on All Souls Day which on the following Tuesday.

It was a joyous occasion, as he and his father provided a great deal of help to many of our clergy as we continue to build the new church building on the monastery grounds.

Fr. Joseph will be conducting missionary activity in Maylene, Alabama. Future details will be announced, as will pictures. His mission will be dedicated to St. Lawrence the Martyr, Archdeacon of Old Rome.