Repose of Rdr George Sanders – Memory Eternal

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November 28, 2012
Open Letter Concerning ROCOR-MP Western
July 26, 2013

Rdr George Sanders has gone to his rest and has apparently reposed peacefully in his sleep! Memory eternal! He was a faithful parishioner of the Nativity of the Theotokos parish, and a few months before his repose, he joined the Oblati, or those who have chosen to become workers, attached to the monastery of the Holy Name.

Arrangements for his funeral services will be publicized as soon as they are available. Below is a letter from Fr Elias Yelovich concerning his repose. Prayers for the soul of the departed are commended to thsoe who knew him and all the faithful.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory forever!
Over the past several days quite a number of us have been worried about our dear Reader and Brother George (Gregory Sanders). We have tried to get him by email and phone and several times by knocking on the front door of his house in Littlestown, PA; but to no avail. Yesterday, I asked the Littlestown police to go over to his house and check on him, but even though there was no response from inside the house, they would not break down the door because there had been no such request from a member of his family. Finally, after communicating with me, one of his cousins from Lancaster, PA roused another cousin who lives in Littlestown to break in.  He found our dear Reader on his recliner, asleep in the Lord. By the Grace of God, Reader George did not suffer and died peacefully in his sleep – Glory to God! I have just returned from his house after praying the prayers at the separation of the soul from the body.
I cannot tell you how very sad I am over the death of our beloved Reader. Reader George was a faithful servant of the Lord and a beloved friend and companion in prayer to all of us at the Entrance Mission. I will miss him so very much; he was always there to sing, to pray, to offer a kind word; he was steadfast in prayer and honest to the core. One of the great joys of his life was the blessing he received from Vladika JOHN to become an Oblate of the Benedictine Order. It was the fulfillment of a wish that he held within his heart for many years. We have all lost a true brother and disciple of the Lord.
But the last Word, Brothers and Sisters, does not belong either to death or sadness. The Last Word belongs to the Lord; for the Lord is Risen! And because He, our Lord, lives, we shall live also. Death is no longer the end, but the beginning of a new time, a new beginning of Life Abundant in the Presence of God. This is our faith. We will stand with Reader George once again in prayer and praise in God’s own good time; and someday, we will have him with us to chant the Divine Services and offer the prayers with us once more. Of this I have no doubt.
I will keep you all posted about the details of his funeral. We will come together in faith: to mourn and give thanks to God for the life he created in the person of our brother, a life that now is held in the loving arms of the Savior, Jesus Christ.
O God of spirits and of all flesh, who has trampled down death and made powerless the devil and given life to thy world: Do thou, thyself O Lord, give rest to the soul of thy departed servant, Reader George, in a place of brightness, a place of verdure, a place of repose, whence all sickness, sorrow and sighing have fled away. Pardon every sin which he hath committed, whether by word or deed or thought; for thou art good and lovest mankind, for there is no man who liveth and sinneth not, for thou only art beyond sin, and thy righteousness is to all eternity and thy word is truth. For thou art the Resurrection and the Life and the Repose of thy departed servant Reader George, O Christ our God, and unto thee we ascribe glory, together with thine unoriginate Father and thine all-holy and good and life-giving Spirit, now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.
In Christ our true God,
+Fr. Elias 
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