Metropolitan’s Paschal Epistle
April 29, 2014
8th Day Repose of Fr Dcn John DeSantis
June 30, 2014

To all those who wish to know, the Metropolia does not accept the Name-Worshipping heresy. This teaching was condemned in the 1913 decisions of the Church of Constantinople and the Church of Russia, as well as being condemned by the Holy Mountain. It was also prohibited and condemned by other teachers of the Church. Our Church does not now, nor will it ever, accept this teaching; we also warn those who teach this heresy that such teaching clearly jeopardizes their position in the Orthodox Church. Any new information regarding the recent public outbreak of this heresy will be addressed as time continues; appropriate measures have been, and are being taken, in order to, if possible, end such seriously spiritually damaging teachings. However, if no resolution is possible along the lines of the consciousness of the Orthodox Church, as expressed by Her already mentioned Synodal decisions, then serious ecclesial consequences inevitably will follow.