St. Athanasius on the Goodness of God to Man
January 31, 2017
Photos from the Funeral of Archbishop Joseph of Edmonton
February 1, 2017
If there are any anonymous donors [see Matthew 6] who would be willing to donate 100% pure beeswax candles for usage on the Holy Table, as well as for votive candles, our Abbey of the Holy Name would be grateful.
If anyone is willing to donate beeswax candles, we would be grateful. If one finds a place where they are cheaper and just as good, that is good as well.
There should be a transition away from beeswax mixed with parafin wax, as parafin wax creates many problems, such as its toxicity and creation of black marks on the church’s interior.
As well as votive candles, and multiday candles that are beeswax.
Monastery mailing address is:
Abbey of the Holy Name
100 Abbey Lane
West Milford, New Jersey 07480